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Estimate a consumers total annual credit card and charge card spend with Experian TAPS

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Experian TAPSSM - Usage Examples

  • Experian TAPSSM helps Clients gain insight into consumer spending behavior and calculate profit by providing an estimate of consumer spend.
  • The Dodd Frank act has restricted lenders ability to generate income from Fees and APR changes. Interchange is one of the last levers issuers can use to offset the reduction in income.
Prospecting: Capture Consumer Spend on a Prescreen Universe
  • Experian TAPS helps clients prioritize marketing investments and target higher spending consumers.
  • Example "Oceans" bank goal is to target a Prescreen campaign of 100,000 consumers in one month. 1.5mm consumers passed their risk threshold.
Prospecting: Issuers Can Offer the Right Product
  • Experian TAPSSM helps Clients optimize enhanced value propositions to the right consumer spending segments.
  • Example: "Oceans" bank wants to optimize their mail selections, offering rewards to some and no rewards to others. 1.5mm consumers have passed their risk threshold.
Acquisition: Assign the Right Credit Line
  • Experian TAPSSM helps Clients optimize line assignment segmentation, allowing clients to give the larger lines to those customers who will use it.
  • Example: "Oceans" bank has the capital to extend $20,000 in credit lines to 3 clients who meet their risk criteria.
Acquisition: Risk Based Pricing Assignment
  • Experian TAPSSM can help Clients assign the right price at time of acquisition to maximize revenue by assigning a lower price to a customer that will use the card and generate more interchange income and a higher price to customers that will generate more fee and interest income.
  • Example: "Oceans" bank has 3 potential price points to assign to new customers (12.99%, 16.99% and 21.99%)
Portfolio Management: Retention
  • Experian TAPSSM can help Clients retain bottom line revenue and identify where existing value propositions are not working.
  • Example: 3 Consumers call and ask to have their annual fee waived or threaten to close the account.
Portfolio Management: Maximize Revenue
  • Using data on consumer spending behaviors, Experian TAPSSM helps Clients identify accounts that generate the most spend.
  • Experian TAPSSM also shows where there is additional opportunity.

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