Consumer Database Marketing

Leverage the elements of successful integrated database management without sacrificing data quality

Transform the way you acquire, analyze and use consumer purchase intelligence by leveraging all the elements of successful consumer database marketing without sacrificing data freshness. Maximize return on marketing investment and enjoy the benefits of the most robust and up-to-date shared prospect database without the large capital outlay and lengthy ROI period associated with traditional database products.

Reach New Prospects Quickly From Your Desktop

Prospect NavigatorSM is powered by Experian’s market-leading Customer Prospecting and Portfolio ServicesSM — a sophisticated relational database credit-marketing platform providing fresh data, fast processing, robust analysis and powerful decisioning flexibility.

Experian® developed this information technology platform, which is updated weekly, to help you improve prospect response rates and reduce adverse selection of non-creditworthy customers.

Take Control of Your Prospecting Strategies

Prospect Navigator provides clients with direct access to millions of consumers via campaign management and business intelligence tools — GVAP and COGNOS®, respectively — while leveraging data freshness and relational database technology benefits.

Prospect Navigator gives you the freedom to develop and refine campaign strategies by  integrating business intelligence with knowledge from previous successful campaigns.

You can assess new markets, conduct trend analyses, run counts, test campaign strategies, and design and build new campaigns to acquire profitable customers all directly from your desktop.

Excel at Efficient Data Management

With Prospect Navigator, you can target new customers more efficiently and reduce cost per new account by eliminating the need for in-house data storage. You also can integrate multiple vendors and eliminate the need for costly data feeds. Experian’s shared prospect database tool provides accurate consumer data, integrated processes and powerful tools for end-to-end campaign management. Increase return on investment with highly targeted and modeled campaigns, generate reports, and track performance to help identify and understand consumer behavior at a deeper level. Prospect Navigator helps you cultivate the right customer base and optimize profitability.


This product can help clients grow their profitable consumer portfolio, giving them control, unprecedented flexibility and access to fresh data. Clients will have the tools on their desktop to develop and refine campaign strategies by integrating business intelligence with wisdom from already-successful campaigns. Prospect Navigator is a strategic tool, providing leading-edge clients of all sizes with a platform to drive further success.

Prospect Navigator can help you:

  • Leverage the content of a hosted database for your marketing campaigns to query, trend, create and analyze your prospects
  • Fine-tune and manage multiple or complex strategies on the fly, such as Champion/Challenger testing and response tracking, while incorporating best practices from previous campaigns
  • Lower your acquisition costs by using highly segmented campaign strategies
  • Achieve better targeting powered by analytical tools without a large capital outlay

Improve speed to market

Increase efficiency with mail-ready names, refreshed twice weekly and delivered in just days. Realize the benefits of a relational database, offering better data integration so that you can work within your timeline and access only data you need.

Use in a business continuity plan

Implement our cost-effective product as your ready-to-use backup plan and eliminate costly consequences should your primary provider experience a failure. Have peace of mind by having a secondary or disaster preventive tool in place. A secondary option also allows you to test new campaigns outside of your business-as-usual process.

FCRA Compliant

Experian’s Prospect Navigator fully complies with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Our prescreening process is designed to meet FCRA standards by giving you only those consumers who meet your pre-established criteria.

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