Strengthen Relationships and Empower Your Customers

Experian Credit EducatorSM enables you to provide your customers with personalized, one-on-one credit education sessions from an Experian Credit Educator agent to help them better understand their credit report and VantageScore® credit score, while providing the foundation for making the right credit decisions in the future.

Build Stronger Relationships

Providing the Experian Credit Educator service to your customers gives you the opportunity to achieve a deeper affinity with your current or prospective customer base. If customers have a positive opinion about your company, they are more likely to become loyal customers and apply for additional credit products in the future. You are also able to create a positive experience for consumers who have been turned down for credit.

Reduce Loss Rates by Educating Your Customers

You can work to minimize the impact to your portfolio and reduce loss rates by providing credit education to your customers. Educated consumers are more likely to take action to maintain or improve their creditworthiness and ability to pay, thereby increasing their eligibility for additional products.

On average, consumers who have completed an Experian Credit Educator session have been able to increase their VantageScore credit score by 21 points over a 12-month period.

The Experian Credit Educator service allows you to provide your customers with education about the basics of credit reports, credit scores, fraud alerts and insight for making credit decisions.

VantageScore® is a registered trademark of VantageScore Solutions, LLC.

Earn Revenue While Offering a Valuable Resource to Your Customers

With the Experian Credit Educator affiliate program, you can offer Experian Credit Educator sessions to your customers while creating a new revenue stream for your company.

Our affiliate program allows you to enhance your customer services by providing them with a valuable resource that will educate them about their credit in a one-on-one session.

Setting up a program is simple: We provide you with the marketing content and you share in the revenue. 

Experian Credit Educator for Your Employees

You want the best for your employees. Let Experian help you to provide a resource that will enable your employees to gain the knowledge and foundation to make the right future credit decisions

The Experian Credit Educator Employee Program allows you to provide a valuable resource to your employees that will educate them about their credit in a one-on-one session. Often an employee who feels good about the company he or she works for is more likely to remain a loyal employee and refer your company to others.

Setting up a program is simple: We provide you with the marketing content and you share it with your employees to receive a special offer for our service.

Your customers will participate in a one-on-one phone-based credit education session (approximately 35 minutes) with a live agent. During the call, consumers not only receive a copy of their credit report, but also receive:

  • A detailed walk-through of their credit report components
  • Their VantageScore and benchmark VantageScore credit scores for their region, state and the United States
  • An explanation of the factors contributing to their credit score
  • Interactive examples of actions that may improve their VantageScore
  • Insight for future decisions in credit management
  • Resources for addressing specific life events regarding credit

Through the Experian® Credit EducatorSM for Enterprises program, lenders now can offer their customers a personalized consumer education service to advance their overall customer engagement strategy — improving their portfolios, generating customer loyalty and creating new cross-sell opportunities.

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