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Data, AI and machine learning in a secure hybrid-cloud environment powering solutions to move you ahead of the market

We understand the challenges you face of staying ahead of rapidly changing market conditions and evolving consumer behaviors to remain competitive in today’s financial world. That’s why Experian continuously invests in the newest technology, capabilities, integrations and security so you don’t have to.

The Experian Ascend Technology Platform™ is our modern technology foundation, delivered in a secure, hosted ecosystem, that integrates client data, industry-specific data feeds and the power of Experian’s unique capabilities in data, analytics, machine learning and advanced AI to deliver enhanced opportunities throughout your customer lifecycle.

Platform Capabilities

Advanced Analytics

A range of tools that enable instant access to up to 18 years of full file Experian credit data and attributes on 220 million consumers, commercial data, property data, and other alternative data sources, in addition to your own customer data.

Customer Acquisition

A leading-edge customer acquisition engine that empowers you to visually create and manage channel and targeting strategies with the freshest data to execute marketing campaigns faster than ever before.

Account Management

A modern approach to customer management enabling a comprehensive view of consumers for better account management, seamlessly integrating analytics and enhanced capabilities to minimize risk, deepen relationships and maximize profitability.

Integrated Decisioning

A real-time decisioning platform that integrates across the enterprise, and leverages analytics from the Sandbox into real-time and bulk-data production environments without additional coding.

Giving financial institutions the power to fly. Are you ready to Ascend?

  • Industry-leading security and data management
  • Flexible and scalable to ingest and manage your diverse data needs
  • Expert pinning applies across all data sets
  • Dramatically reduces time to market
  • Increases operational efficiency
  • Benefit from Experian’s ongoing investment in data, analytics and technology

Ascend: Data on Demand


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