Credit Line Increase Program

Reward your members by anticipating spending needs and managing credit limits proactively

Increase spend, reduce attrition, anticipate spending needs, expand member value, generate interchange income, grow credit card portfolio revenue. Realize these benefits through proactively increasing credit limits.

Our Credit Line Increase Program provides the tools and resources necessary to streamline the decision process, design the right strategies and increase credit limits effectively.

What makes our program unique?

Our consultants have more than 20 years of industry experience and provide the knowledge and expertise needed to ensure that your credit line increase strategy is as effective as possible.

Consulting engagement model:

  • Project management: Conduct a collaborative strategy-planning meeting with all key stakeholders to create milestone tracking documents
  • Client data capture: Define the current performance of the credit card portfolio by determining the performance window and analyzing the data within the specified time frame
  • Introduction of data assets: Review additional Experian data that identifies total card spending, estimated income, trended behavior and other data assets
  • Statistical evaluation: Rank credit scores and attributes based on their ability to predict that an account will pay as agreed
  • Strategy development: Generate a custom algorithm to identify qualifying members and assign new credit limits

Let us streamline your decision process and help you increase your credit card portfolio revenue, contact us below to get more information.

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Anticipate spending needs and managing credit limits proactively

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