Improve Application Processing Accuracy and Predict Risk

Help your customer service representatives quickly assess risk, verify a customer's identity and prevent fraud. Experian’s fresh data provides you with insight to accurately process applications. A full range of consumer and business scoring and analysis solutions integrate seamlessly with your systems for highly effective risk management.

Telecommunications, Energy and Cable Risk ModelSM

Reduce risk and boost your bottom line. Experian's Telecommunications, Energy and Cable Risk ModelSM is designed to predict risk specifically on communications and energy service accounts. In multiple market validations with other risk models, the model demonstrates the ability to more precisely classify good versus bad risk.

Features and Benefits

  • Predict delinquent payment behavior on wireless and other types of service accounts
  • Identify creditworthy subscribers
  • Profit from improved account management
  • Prescreen and approve new accounts
  • Monitor subscriber payment patterns
  • Target up-sell opportunities
  • Score consumers which other tools label as "unscoreable"

Get Accurate Credit Risk Evaluations and Improve Predictive Capabilities

Gain insight into the diverse consumer populations that use communications and energy services. Experian's complete risk-management solution was developed from 2.5 million consumers' credit information, each with at least 12 months of history as subscribers.

  • Decrease the need for manual review
  • Reduce losses from delinquency
  • Increase the number of profitable accounts

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