Expand Your Customer Base with Data and Analytics

Whether your goal is expanding your universe, identifying profitable customers or determining the most appropriate offers or terms, Experian can provide you with the data, analytical insight and industry-specific consulting and expertise that will help minimize marketing costs, decrease losses, and maximize revenue.

Acquire Utility and Telecommunications Customers with Meaningful Analytics and Modeling

With an extensive understanding of data across the three credit bureaus, our scientists use best practice methodology to develop the most meaningful analytical tools and predictive models in the industry.  We offer both generic and custom models specifically for the utility and telecommunications industries.

Reduce Fraud as You Acquire New Utility and Telecommunications Customers

With the current threats posed by fraud and identity theft, institutions need to employ a risk based approach to prospecting and origination by employing accurate and broad reaching data assets, targeted analytics, knowledge based authentication and predictive decisioning policies.

Optimize your Acqusition Strategies to Target the Best Utility and Telecommunications Customers

Given the highly competitive market, it is important for providers to tailor the right offers to prospects, while balancing risk and propensity to respond. Our optimization capabilities help with prospecting, cross-selling and up-selling to maximize new and existing customer value. 

Build Effective Marketing Campaigns to Target Utility and Telecommunications Customers

Industry-leading database for fresh, accurate information that helps you build complete customer profiles.

  • Improve targeting efforts with information on telecommunications usage and providers
  • Find more profit-producing customers using demographic, psychographic and propensity data
  • Identify commercial and industrial accounts that are candidates for your expanding product line
Gain expert insight and design strategies to meet your goals

Experian’s consulting teams offer a wide range of services, from strategy consulting provided by our Global Consulting Practice, to custom analytics and decision support provided by our Analytics Consulting team. We are the leader in helping clients create meaning out of their data, Experian's information and other data assets, and transforming data into information that can be used to design more effective acquisitions strategies. Our consultants work with clients to maximize return on investment by providing exceptional strategic insight into credit and fraud risk management strategies and designing analytical-based solutions to drive and sustain dramatic growth. 

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