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Why Project Management is important to us

Attention all visionaries looking to shape our evolving world! We want Project Managers that will manage and create products that will transform the lives of millions of people. This means defining the product vision, managing the product lifecycle, gathering research and working with development and marketing teams to deliver winning products.

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Meet our real Project Management team

jeff epling

Jeff Epling, Director Corporate PMO, USA

I’ve been with Experian for 35 years and what has inspired me from the beginning is the class of individuals that we have always had at Experian. It’s the people that make a company great and we have always had a great population of top notch employees around the globe. Even in the early days of Experian (TRW), every employee has always been approachable and willing to help each other out when needed and that includes our Leaders too. They have always supported an “open door” policy and continue to do so to this day. So it’s the people around the globe that continue to inspire me at Experian.

What makes Experian unique and different is our diversity and inclusion. Its ok to be yourself and everyone celebrates our individuality.

janet lawrence

Janet Lawrence, Director of CPMO, USA

After a successful career in leading operations, product management and software development for three different financial services companies, I came to a career crossroad where my younger daughter was entering high school and needed more of my focus to ensure she graduated successfully! I realized that I needed a job where I could be an individual performer, rather than manage large teams and systems. I discovered a position at Experian in the Global Project Management Office as a senior level program manager. My understanding of Experian at that time was that very smart people worked there with deep knowledge in data analytics, which I was keenly interested in. I networked with a former colleague and he was able to arrange for an interview. Almost 13 years later, I have never second-guessed this decision. My daughter is now graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a degree in Bio-Psychology and I am back leading people and systems.

When I started, I felt as if Experian was behind the times when it came to its processes, systems and culture. Rather than being a cohesive group, I observed many factions that did not always play well together. However, over the past several years, it has been exciting to see the transformation within Experian. The degree of client focus and our authentic diverse and inclusive culture is exhilarating, which makes every day a unique and truly joyful experience. The people at Experian are always willing to help you out. Additionally, Experian encourages individual thinking and innovation, which enables me to come up with ideas for continuous improvement, such as the Agile Mindset Workshop, and run with it. At Experian, I can grow and develop my skills and career daily, and I cannot ask for more than that.

tatiana calderon

Tatiana Calderon, Project Management Coordinator, Costa Rica

For years I learned about the company´s reputation and position around the globe, I knew I was not only going to feel fulfilled, but also proud to be an Experian employee.

The people, I feel safe, on an environment of trust and also people willing to help each other, to teach each other and collaborating with team work
The benefits, always looking to offer the best to satisfy the employee needs
The open doors policy and how serious management takes suggestions or specific cases from everyone