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Why IT & Technical Operations is important to us

It couldn’t be a better fit. The IT professionals working at Experian have the opportunity to design, develop and support business applications in a company that is at the cutting edge of 21st century technology. Experian has operated at the center of Big Data since before the phrase was coined. Truth is, few companies provide information technology and systems on an equivalent scale.

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Meet our real IT & Technical Operations team

varun sharma

Varun Sharma, Data Management Analyst Expert, USA

At some point in a lifetime almost everyone would have definitely used consumer credit services or some form of it. Experian is considered a leader in the Consumer Credit Reporting Industry. It fascinates me how they process the voluminous Big Data in a timely fashion to bring insights that supports people and businesses across the globe take the right decisions and meet their goals . They truly are the Data company.

Having a background in Computer Science and a decade over experience in BI, Data Analytics & Marketing complemented my offered role. I always wished to return to the society in some form and I knew that my new role & responsibilities can positively impact people ‘s standard of life around. The role gave me that opportunity and the vibe of association motivated me to work for the Experian.

I recall my first day of work at Experian. I was being introduced to the team by my manager. The people around me were so accommodating that the next moment I felt as if I never changed my team from my previous employer. So there is definitely something mystic in their work culture, a positive energy and how workforce embrace each other with human emotions and values. I personally think their ensemble of great people, technology platforms and the processes makes Experian stand unique. This is beefed up with their culture of inclusivity amidst diversity which makes Experian stand as a differentiator.

chorng jjun gan

Chorng Jiunn Gan, Solutions Director, Malaysia

The brand image that had direction and in-depth knowledge that I was aspiring to be part of.

Experian exhibited an unique blend of foresight and company culture, which was clearly demonstrated through the people, processes and overall leadership. This combination was something not common in many organization.

vladimir leshchenko

Vladimir Leshchenko, Sr. Database Administrator, USA

Experian is built on best people I ever worked with. I would never call them resources because they are real people putting huge effort forward for the good of the company and our clients. I am excited to work with the most talented people who care and constantly strive to improve. I love to provide technical leadership and guidance on what will be successful and what will fail.

Experian is comprised from small business that dedicated themselves to client satisfaction and best products out there. Experian has unique position in the market to empower our clients to succeed and share their success with us.