Identity authentication

Real-time identity proofing and risk-based authentication

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End-to-end identity services to protect businesses and customers

Experian® leverages our robust data resources and fraud detection technology to facilitate identity proofing, protection and restoration for customers, businesses and patients.

An effective authentication process allows your business to capture sufficient data to confidently establish that a presented identity represents the actual person applying or requesting access while monitoring for signs that the individual presents an increased fraud risk. Equally important is ensuring this process is low friction for the end user.

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Our technology leverages the end user’s personal information and device data to verify the identity of trusted consumers seamlessly while determining the likelihood of high-risk authentication attempts.

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Confirm and protect identities

Building trust with customers requires a process that captures just enough data to confidently confirm a consumer or commercial identity without adding too much friction. Our services manage the full life cycle of identity authentication, including proofing, protection and restoration.

Identity proofing with confidence

We use numerous resources — including credit data, device ID, other nontraditional data and data provided from users — to confidently establish that a presented identity represents a real individual or business.

Identity protection

Risk-based authentication combined with advanced analytics to confirm and protect identities. 

Identity restoration

Experian’s identity restoration is delivered by a team of Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS) resolution specialists who are available 24/7 to help customers when they need it the most.


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