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Trended data

Uncover patterns in customer behavior over time to manage portfolio risk and determine next best actions

Thoughtful businessman holding documents

Get deeper insights into customer behavior with trended data

While traditional credit data attributes provide valuable insights into customers at a given point in time, trended data and attributes analyze a customer’s behavior over time. With trended data, you’ll be able to get greater insights into customers to better determine their creditworthiness. Utilizing trended data in scoring models can improve lift when compared to models developed using traditional credit attributes alone.

Integrating trended attributes into business strategies can allow organizations to identify risk and determine their next best actions and solutions. These insights can help you understand not only what a customer looks like now but can also reveal how they got there. 

Thoughtful businessman holding documents

Uncover customer behavior patterns to better manage portfolio risk

Trended data can help you get more predictive insights into your consumers.

Widen potential client pool without additional risk

Trended data can help your organization reduce risk with early-warning indicators.

Make strategic decisions

Use trended data to make fair and appropriate data-driven decisions across the customer life cycle. 

Gain depth

Uncover insights for all customers — including the thin-file population — with new data points, synthesized from 24 months of credit history.