Specialty scores

Select from a range of scores designed for specific scenarios or industries — all leveraging FCRA-regulated data

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Use specialty scores to meet changing business goals and fluctuating market conditions

For many companies, growing your portfolio while minimizing risk can be challenging. That’s where specialty scores come in.  

Experian’s specialty scores and custom models can help your organization make the best business decisions. By using a robust validation process, we can help you select the specialty score that’s right for you. We offer a wide range of tailored scoring solutions that can help your organization with prospecting, acquisitions, account management and collections.  

Our generic and custom models can help your organization optimize consumer and commercial strategies while managing risk. You’ll also able to improve predictive performance and achieve accurate results with scores that are specifically designed and tested for individual scenarios.  

Discussing with colleague

Maintain and drive profitability while managing risk

Specialty scores can help your organization pinpoint new opportunities and make more profitable decisions for specific situations.

Use high-quality and robust data sources

Our extensive breadth and depth of data and industry-leading attributes can help your organization create better and more predictive models. 

Minimize risk

Specialty scores use data to gauge a consumer’s credit or repayment behavior — allowing your organization to make better lending decisions.

Stay on top of regulatory changes and requirements

Our solutions are always compliant, so you’ll be able to stay on top of new regulatory requirements. 


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