Models and segmentation

Use our expansive data, data science expertise and the latest modeling methodologies to develop advanced models and target the right audience.

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Abstract science and technology

Forecast future customer behavior with data-driven scores and models

As customer behavior continues to evolve, it’s important to use highly predictive models to generate insights, make decisions and learn more about your best customer through profiling and segmentation.

Whether you have an in-house analytics team or are looking to outsource your custom model development, we can help. We combine our vast traditional and alternative credit data sources (including marketing, auto, property data and more), decades of analytics expertise and suite of advanced modeling tools to develop and deploy highly predictive and explainable generic and custom models.

For targeting, businesses can use our data, modeling and activation capabilities to learn more about your best customer through profiling and segmentation. Additionally, you can then find more of your best customers and grow their value through data mining and look-alike modeling.

Abstract science and technology
Deciphering what the data has to say

Experian® uses the latest technology to help clients produce predictive and explainable models. Our decades of expertise, along with our in-depth knowledge of data, machine learning, explainability and model risk governance enables us and our partners to build models that grow their portfolio, control credit losses, improve the customer experience, target the right audience, minimize expenses and improve compliance. We can help you deploy fraud and credit risk models across the customer life cycle that are transparent, explainable and acceptable for model governance purposes.

Deciphering what the data has to say

We can help you develop, validate, deploy and maintain models

Experian utilizes the latest technology to help clients produce explainable and predictive models and the strategies to use them effectively.

Predict risk and loss

Our highly predictive credit risk and fraud models are based on traditional and nontraditional data that can help you predict risk and loss.

Enhance the customer experience

Transparent models help you foster and build trust with your customers. Our fraud models can maximize fraud detection while reducing customer friction.

Stay compliant and transparent

Our models are explainable, compliant and have comprehensive documentation across the entire customer life cycle.


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