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A decision-management platform powered by real-time analytics and advanced decisioning logic

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Experian® offers a breadth of decisioning tools and products designed to increase the precision, speed and agility of your decision-management processes, so you can respond rapidly and cost-effectively to market changes.

Gain the flexibility and insight needed to make the right customer decisions. Determine the appropriate credit-approval decision. Present the ideal cross-sell offer. Identify fraudulent activity. These and countless other critical business decisions can be automated and optimized for maximum business performance using Experian’s decisioning software.

Put More Data To Work

Greater Decisioning Power

Improved Market Agility

  • Pull data from multiple sources — both internal and external — into your decisioning model
  • Access an unlimited number of scores and attributes, including real-time access to credit bureau data
  • Integrate third-party data sources into your decisioning engine
  • A best-in-class decision engine capable of calculating numerous predictive attributes and custom scoring models
  • Test new strategies against current decision models or perform what-if simulations on historical data
  • Numerous applications: launch new products, increase customer retention, generate cross-sell offers and much more
  • Deploy new decision strategies faster, so you can respond to market changes in a timely manner
  • Deliver real-time, instant decisions while a customer is at the point of sale
  • Quickly adjust your decisioning strategies to respond to regulatory changes

What Type of Business Decisions Can Be Improved?

Experian’s decisioning systems have applications across a broad cross section of industries and business processes. These include:

Types of Decisions


Lines of Business

Other Applications

  • Prospecting decisions
  • Prescreen
  • Acquisition and underwriting decisions
  • Fraud determination
  • Customer management decisions
  • Credit line management decisions
  • Initial pricing determination
  • Collection management decisions
  • Banks, credit unions and other financial institutions
  • Finance and credit companies
  • Retailers
  • Telecom, energy and utilities
  • Healthcare providers
  • Government agencies
  • Collections agencies
  • Processors and resellers
  • Student loans
  • Deposits
  • Personal/Unsecured
  • Credit card/Debit card
  • Vehicle finance
  • Home equity
  • Mortgage
  • Commercial


View an extended matrix of decision types, industries and applications.

Easier Implementation

Flexible Deployment

Implementation Support

Simple and Reliable

  • A variety of deployment options, including on-premise, hosted and Software as a Service, are available based on your business needs
  • Deploy as a standalone system or integrate seamlessly into your systems and business processes
  • Scalable and customizable, so you pay for only the functionality you need
  • We partner with you to ensure the correct decisioning solution is chosen, customized and installed
  • From start to finish, a dedicated team of our decision management consultants works with you to perform strategy design, model validation and data intelligence, ensuring a successful system implementation
  • Put decisioning power into the hands of business users, giving them the power to manage decision strategies without IT involvement
  • Process a high volume of transactions, with support and availability 24 hours a day
  • Augment and improve your existing systems with minimal IT costs

The Power of Dynamic Decisioning Strategies

Dynamic, continuous-loop decision management systems offer significant advantages over static, rigid business rules that change only periodically. As highlighted in the video below, Experian’s PowerCurve® decisioning platform offers the agility to continually adjust business rules, thereby delivering a truly dynamic decision management system.

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