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Communications and Energy

Meet the challenge of a rapidly changing competitive landscape. Experian is the only company to offer insight into both residential and commercial markets for all stages of the Customer Life Cycle, offering a full suite of service choices and product offerings. Gain the advantage in a world of converging services, corporate mergers, new technologies and high market penetration.

  • Expand your customer base
  • Reduce risk exposure
  • Maximize account profitability

Targeted Acquisitions

Grow your list of new customers, while deepening relationships with emerging customers. Experian offers demographic, psychographic and propensity data, credit profiling tools, and accurate customer profiles that can help you identify profitable opportunities. Build effective marketing campaigns and increase your revenues with the best credit and marketing information available.

Risk Management

Mitigate the increased risk exposure that comes with added product offerings. Experian helps your customer service representatives obtain a comprehensive credit risk profile on every new customer. Start with the highest-quality data for more accurate application processing and enhanced predictive capabilities.

Account Profitability Models

Maximize the value of each customer. Experian's models can help you predict which of your customers are likely to buy more – offering you strategies to enrich those accounts. Find out which customers may stop buying and learn how to save those relationships. When payments are delinquent, take advantage of the tools and advice you need to help manage your collection efforts.

Improve Business Process Flow

Improve business process flow when administering your internal low-income assistance program. Experian's score in this area can help you determine which customers may qualify. Plus, learn how to streamline and make your program more efficient--ultimately saving costs and improving the bottom line.

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Play a key role in helping consumers build their credit history

With alternative data reporting evolving, consumers can become credit-scoreable simply by paying their energy bill on time.

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Insight and Action

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Customer Testimonial

Direct Energy

Case Study: PINpoint ServicesSM

A leading multistate natural gas utility company collected $1.8 million using Experian’s PINpoint ServicesSM product.

Data Reporting Guidebook for Energy and Telecommunications

Take control of your information management problem more effectively with full-file data reporting.

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