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Financial Stability Risk ScoreSM

Avoid the small number of big hits from failed businesses

Financial Stability Risk Score

Avoid big hits from failed businesses

Financial Stability Risk Score quickly identifies the businesses at the highest risk for failure and payment default. The score uses payment data such as severely delinquent payments of 61-plus and 91-plus days; high utilization of credit lines; and public records, including tax liens, judgments and bankruptcy filings.

You can improve the speed and efficiency of your risk decisions and realize these benefits:

  • Avoid write-offs and payment defaults by using the easy-to-understand 1 to 100 percentile scale, where 60 percent of the risk is focused in the bottom 10 percent of scores.
  • Five risk classes help you quickly identify businesses with high risk of bankruptcy and payment default.
  • Understand the results by seeing up to four reasons for the lowered scores.

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