Dynamic AccessTM

Instant access to data, where and when you need it

Dynamic Access

Powerful, granular data integrated directly into your internal system

Let’s face it. The way you access data is changing. You want data that’s immediately accessible, with a click of a button, all without leaving your internal system . That creates efficiency. That creates flexibility. That’s how business is done today.

Powered by BizSourceSM, Experian’s industry-leading data repository, Dynamic Access allows you to leverage Experian’s commercial intelligence from the comfort of your own Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The result? Real-time data that’s immediately accessible by all departments across your organization.

With Dynamic Access, choose what data matters most:

  • Data your way — Code to receive only the data you need in real time via an XML interface.
  • Consistent real-time updates — Get instant access to data when you need it most. Enjoy consistency between your internal systems and Experian’s database.
  • Power your custom model — Combine Experian’s third-party-verified data and risk scores with other third-party data to drive predictability of internal custom models.
  • Reduced out-of-pocket costs — Save time by choosing as much or as little data as you desire.

Integrate Dynamic Access directly into your ERP or CRM system to improve data transparency and gain a competitive edge.

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