Business Summary Report is a low-cost summarized credit report for low-balanced accounts (generally considered to be less than $1,000). The report analyzes the account’s current trade experiences, determines the presence or absence of collection data and derogatory public record filings, and then classifies the account into risk categories. 

Quick Evaluation of Low-Balance Accounts

Make quick, effective assessments of your low-balance transactions.

Risk Categories

The report analyzes the account and then classifies it into one of the following categories:  


The company actively uses credit and pays its bills no later than nine days late, on average.


A company may fall into this category in one of two ways. If the company actively uses credit, the risk category is based on the current payment performance and/or legal records on file. If the company does not actively use credit, it may pose increased risk.


Derogatory payment performance information and/or derogatory legal records exist on file for the company.

Serious Risk

The company has seriously derogatory payment performance and/or seriously derogatory legal records on file.  


The company previously filed for bankruptcy.

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