Get a revolutionary new look into your market.

Driving profit, volume and share in today’s automotive climate requires large enterprises to look at current challenges in new ways. We created Velocity℠ to help you transform complex market data into actionable insights and action plans to view your market with greater insight.

Velocity leverages a highly intuitive dashboard that provides you with a snapshot of what happened through key performance indicators specific to your business. By connecting our data to yours, you receive powerful insights and embedded analytics to help you discover why variances occurred and take the action you need.

Benefits of Velocity Vehicle Statistics

Get insights delivered in minutes rather than weeks

Velocity is designed to give you greater insight into the lifestyle, behavioral and attitudinal characteristics of the people buying new vehicles in your market to locate untapped potential. Our data is loaded faster to make sure you have easy access to the latest knowledge.

Velocity allows you to measure vehicle trends over the past five years to maximize the life cycle of your brand. Whether you need to replenish stock, identify what vehicles are selling and where, or comprehend how the market is reacting, Velocity helps you quickly evaluate market conditions to make the best business decisions.

Turn data into actionable insights with Velocity

Gain deeper insights into demographic attributes and the impact on consumer purchase decisions to your brand and vehicle sales.

The power of Experian data

Get a new sphere of insights with Experian’s vehicle, consumer, online and credit data to ignite a more unified approach to data-driven intelligence. Using our vast in-house data resources, we can link our data to yours so you can transform unprecedented insights into more powerful actions.

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