It takes three things to sell a vehicle - cars, consumers and credit 

We are the only primary data source for all three.

Experian Marketing Engine

We are uniquely positioned to transform information into action to help you find, reach and retain more customers. And we can prove it.

Fueled by world-class, data driven insight, the Experian Marketing EngineTM is an end-to-end, turnkey solution that delivers a powerfully precise picture of who and where your customers are. So you can target - and conquest - your market like never before.

Flexibility that fits your auto marketing

The Experian Marketing Engine is designed to accommodate your needs. It can be leveraged as a full suite or its multi-channel, media-neutral, privacy-safe solutions can be purchased individually. Either way, it integrates seamlessly into your current platforms. 

We'll give your marketing a little extra horsepower. All you have to do is step on the gas.

Identity Resolution

Link fragmented data across channels, platforms and devices to build unified customer profiles that make a more omni-channel customer experience possible.

Automotive Audience Targeting

Leverage world-class automotive, predictive and lifestyle data to build precisely segmented audiences for every campaign and achieve high-octane results.

Multi-Channel Media Activation

Leverage our relationships with more than 100 media partners and digital platforms to launch and optimize your one-to-one marketing campaign across all channels.

Campaign Measurement

Determine the ROI of your online and off-line campaigns and gain actionable insights for future campaigns with easily digestible dashboards and reports.

Measure campaign performance 

Drive business with a powerful tool to track and measure actual sales results from your omnichannel marketing campaigns. You’ll gain insights with intuitive dashboards and visualizations that provide easy access to campaign performance by vehicle make, model and class. You’ll know who purchased from you, and who purchased from your competitors, and apply those insights to improve the effectiveness of future actions.



Experian Marketing Engine

Interested in learning more about our automotive marketing capabilities? Tell us a little about yourself and one of our representatives will be in touch.

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