Get a unified approach to market intelligence with more powerful insights than ever-seen-before.

Understand which people are buying what vehicles - and from whom - to what consumers are demanding and why. We have the most current and actionable vehicle market data to help you get the clearest insights into your market to make better, more profitable decisions.

Unlock the power of your pure market potential.

We are redefining the automotive information category by providing a richer breadth of data assets all under one roof. Experian® is a trusted partner that leverages an exclusive combination of auto, consumer, and credit data to deliver the crucial insights OEMs need to grow market share while optimizing incentives and media spend.

Our North American Vehicle Database is equipped with information on over 800 million vehicles in the U.S. and Canada to ensure you get the latest pulse of your market.

Find out how we can increase the lifetime loyalty of your customers by proactively engaging consumers at the right time to improve conversion and reduce cost, better manage your customer database, and more easily conquest for sales by zeroing in on the right prospects.

Scale of Experian Data

Our North American Vehicle DatabaseSM is equipped with information on more than 800 million vehicles in the United States and Canada. That information includes title, registration, mileage readings and key vehicle events.

Experian Automotive leverages the industry's largest in-house data assets to provide a greater range of automotive information — all from one data provider. With a robust combination of automotive, demographic, psychographic, credit, and online/offline behavioral data, automotive businesses can get the comprehensive views they need to get ahead in today's market.

Explore our solution areas for OEMs

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Market the right offer, to the right consumer, at the right time, in the right place.

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AutoCheck ®

AutoCheck® helps you better understand, compare, and select the right vehicles.

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Vehicle Market Statistics

We transform complex industry data and vehicle statistics into the clearest view of your market.


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